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About Sober Seekers

Sober Seekers is a community for women who want to socialise, make friends and navigate life without the involvement of alcohol. We offer monthly networking and social events to support women in their personal development with an emphasis on fun and friendship.


We welcome the sober, the sober-curious and all women who have an inkling that alcohol may not be serving their greatest interests. We aren’t interested in defining ourselves by binary terms, so when you join us, the only label you wear is your name.​

Am I a Sober Seeker? You’re a Sober Seeker if you want a safe and fun space you can hang out with other women who don’t drink or have stopped drinking, for whatever reason. You still want to network and meet people, just without the cheap champagne and intimation that you need alcohol to socialise or be a well-rounded human. 


  • Ever wondered if alcohol is holding you back from a life you love?

  • ​Don't drink and don't want to have to keep explaining why?

  • ​Thinking about cutting down but don't know anyone who doesn't drink?

  • ​Looking for connection, friendship and some personal development?

YES?! Well come and join us then!

‘Connection is the currency of wellness’ John Travis

We live in an increasingly connected world and yet have never been more lonely. We want to change that.



Hannah and Anna met mid 2018, and their friendship started when Hannah offered Anna the wine she was given on a Qantas flight at 5pm on a Tuesday - Hannah was giving herself an out incase she took the wine from the flight attendant when she meant to say no thanks.


At that time Hannah was 6 months sober but still not totally comfortable with it. The two struck up a conversation; turns out Anna hadn’t drank for nearly 10 years. Hannah was in awe, asked a million questions, told Anna how she'd been using essential oils to anchor herself, how she didn’t like the term alcoholic, and neither did Anna. They have been besties ever since. Or, as Hannah says "I just keep hanging around Anna, either way, she ain’t getting rid of me!".


Their friendship grew over a mutual love of inappropriate jokes, personal development and a pragmatic with a sprinkle of woo-woo approach to life, and the more they spent time together the more the two of them realised that finding events that didn’t include alcohol was limited to craft fairs and their own houses. They decided to change that, and so Sober Seekers was born!


We welcome you to this site and would love for you to join us at one of our Sober Seekers’ events very soon! 

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